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I’ve spent my time doing many different things over the years, and once upon a time I did a little graphic art and design. This was back when the interwebs were new and shiny and Photoshop and Illustrator were just two programs that did what they said on the label and not this new-fangled ‘Creative Suite’ where I can’t work out what half of it is supposed to do. Back then real web designers actually wrote their own code too, which means that I am enough of a geek to know how to write code that is now obsolete. I’m oddly proud of that, much as I love the ease of working with WordPress.

After a few years I made a decision to concentrate on physical media more – and now you’re more likely to find me working with wool or playing enthusiastically with paper and pencil than a high powered computer. I don’t spend enough time drawing to be technically good at it, but sometimes there are things I’ve done that I really like, and for now that’s enough for me. I still work with digital media all the time – all the design work on my website is my own, (although not the implementation – luckily I have a man who does that), and I can occasionally be persuaded to produce a flyer here and there. There are those talents where we strive towards greatness, and other talents that we are happy being proficient at, and still more that we just play at for fun alone. True talent takes obsession as well as natural giftedness, and few of us  can be talented at lots of things at the same time. I’ve found that this is especially true of creative skills, which tend to dull and fade with lack of use, just like the tools that go with them. Anyway, there isn’t room in the house, let alone the household budget, to explore all the art forms I’d like to tinker with.

That early digital artwork of mine still exists, though, and one of the things I want to do with this blog is share it here – just to have it all in one place, mostly. So here’s a few portraits to start off.

One of the very early things I did I’m still the happiest with – so in the full knowledge that it will embarrass the model, here’s my angel, inspired by Nancy A. Collins’ “Angels On Fire”








And a project that sadly didn’t come to anything, as sometimes happens – a series of Sky Goddesses for an oracle deck by an online friend.




  And finally, for an online magazine article on change and transformation: “Evolution is a state of mind.”

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