Spring Photo Diary

For me, yoga is the whole package. It helps with all aspects of our wellbeing, and therefore eventually supports every aspect of our daily lives, from relationships to ethical shopping to healthy sleeping patterns. But yogis and yoginis are also real people, who get grumpy, fall ill, and eat doughnuts occasionally. Yoga isn’t supposed to make you perfect, it’s supposed to welcome you home to yourself. I think talking-about-yoga should include more emphasis on reality than aspiration: on the smiles and the stumbles and the wobbly edges that remind us that we’re all in this together. As Ram Dass says: “We’re all just walking each other home.”

So this is hopefully in the service of transparency rather than vanity. If you’ve ever wondered what the life of a rural yoga teacher looks like; if you think doing yoga means you have to sit in lotus pose for 3 hours a day; or you just want to meet my cat, here’s a week in my life, thanks to a smart phone and Instagram.

The week of this photo diary (10th-17th March) I was fit and healthy, mid-monthly cycle and rather full of the joys of Spring, so there’s more running and less meditating or study than other weeks. It was also a very social week, with lots of catching up with people. My records show I had the priviledge of teaching just 33 students in all- a quiet week. Other weeks I’m busier covering classes for friends, or leading special courses or events.  My teaching schedule constantly evolves. Apparently at the moment, my life is mostly made up of food, nature, teaching and cats…

Click on the first photo to trigger the full slideshow and all the captions.

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