Stones and Trees

I thought I’d add another few images of older artwork today. I’m still very fond of them, as much for the places they evoke for me. The thing about working from photographs is that the images for me are multilayered with associations about spaces and times. I can smell the summer in some of these…

Firstly, an old set fooling around with images of Avebury stone circle. Nowadays we live a few minutes drive from the stones and I think if anything we tend to visit them less than when they were miles away! But I still remember the first time I saw Silbury Hill through a sudden rainstorm, sitting in the car with Phil, my husband, laughing as I collapsed in giggles. The sheer size of this Neolithic, man-made hill with no burial inside; no stones erected on top, and no real clue as to why it was built, seemed like the most enormous and delightful joke by our ancestors. Last year, I had the pleasure and privilege of accompanying my teacher Tira – a renowned shaman who lives in British Columbia – around our favourite parts of the Avebury landscape. As the years go by, layer up on layer of memory settles over these stones and barrows for all the thousands of people who visit it.

A more homely set now, inspired by part of the ancient Ogham alphabet in its most common form now – the associations with trees. These photos were all taken close to our former home in South Oxfordshire, and I remember each of these trees like old friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Finally, a very special piece, based on a dream. This ‘clearing’ is created from dozens and dozens of photos of places and trees that in some way were special or sacred to me. The appearance of the little imp at the base of the rainbow tree was a happy accident on my part, although he certainly looks like he always meant to be there!

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