Faery Fortunes

Phil and I are working quite hard behind the scenes here to bring all sorts of new loveliness to this website. So what with that and a couple of conferences, I’ve taken a week or two off the blogging. Here’s a little throwback treasure for you to make up for it. Once upon a misspent youth, I used to carry faery dust in nightclubs, until I noticed how much the glitter stuck to people in the morning! But the impulse to share a little sparkle here and there remained, and some years ago I came up with Faery Fortunes instead: inspirational, quirky or otherwise interesting quotes printed on small pieces of paper, and folded up prettily. On my old website, I shared the designs freely, and so I thought I’d do the same here. This is how they work:

First, you need to print this file here, full size on some A4 paper (double click to open it full size in its own window). I use multicloured pastel paper, but they look almost as good on white.


When the paper comes out of the printer, turn it over left to right, NOT top to bottom, pop it back in the printer and print any of these files on the back. (This should work, but I give no guarantees!)


Cut the paper up straight between the boxes top to bottom and left to right, NOT on the diagonals, like this:


so you end up with lots of little bits of paper like this:


Hold each one front towards you, and fold away from you along each black line, so you end up with this:


This is the easy bit, and you’ll find you get into the habit and fold up dozens in a few minutes.

Pop the Faery Fortunes in a bag or basket, all mixed up, and give them all away!

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