Sneaky previews

It’s been another very busy couple of weeks here, and a lot still to do. I spent a good few days hanging out with Matthew Remski whilst he’s over in the UK and loved every minute, although one highlight is definitely discussing the nature of truth in yogic transmission sitting with the dead people inside Uley longbarrow. I was enjoying the conversation so much, I braved rail engineering works on Sunday to join Scott and the Stillpoint yoga crew in London for Matthew’s session on the Bhagavad Gita and climate crisis…which is a link that makes so much more sense if you hear Matthew tell it. Definitely a theme for me to return to soon.


But then I’ve had a busy week so far again. Beyond my usual teaching commitments, I tempted my dear friend Christine over to Rowde village hall yesterday, to model some yoga poses and practices for me. I’m booked to give my first two academic papers this year: one in June for the faculty; one in September for the BASR. There are specific developments in modern yoga practice I want to discuss, and rather than try and talk about them whilst demonstrating, Christine helped me get footage and photos instead. (Although I reserve the right to roll a mat out in conference and show them how it’s done, obviously!)

The weather was glorious, and we got everything I needed and more – there were technical and practical issues that got me thinking once again about my research methodologies in practice. But it was a fun afternoon too, especially as Phil arrived with a lovely picnic! At one point, I distinctly remember us saying:

“Can you do that Vasisthasana again, only make it more…erm…serious?”


“Yeah, you know, more…Iyengar-y?”

“Oh, sure!”


Christine and I haven’t practiced a lot together recently, but we have a history of years of moving side by side, and I think it shows!

Anwyay, after that, we let Christine go, and the light and time were perfect to go into the hall and film some more. So we shot the raw footage for the first Wild Yoga practice video. It’ll be rough and it needs editing, but we should have something to share with you when the new website goes live. Here’s a sneaky clip.

Oh yes, didn’t I mention? It’s about time there was a redesign around here. Here’s a sneaky preview of that too!

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