5 elements woven collection

Whilst the underlying structure of the recordings I make is pure yoga nidra – settling, rotating around the body, exploring opposites, visualisations and grounding – the themes I choose to explore owe much more to my practices of journeying and dreaming, and to my knowledge of British ecology, folklore and magic. A number of my collections are, for want of better words, distinctly earthy or pagan in feel. This is one of those.

The collection has 5 yoga nidras, all recorded live at one retreat day in Malvern, UK. The five nidras weave the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space into a multi-layered and multipart, embodied, sensory experience, each one leading to the next like a mandala or a celtic knot.

129 minutes total

1: Tree – (28m) Fire and earth come together at the World Tree

2: Sea Cave – Earth and water meet in the sea cave
3: Waves – Water and Air meet on an ocean of breath
4: Flying – Air and Space take us up above
5: Indra’s Net – Space and fire light up Indra’s Net

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