Energy Bodies collection

There are a suite of practices, most of them called nyaasa, that survive from pre-modern texts. These involve mentally inscribing the body, part by part, with qualities, symbols, even deities, for diverse purposes. There are other techniques, more often Buddhist in origin, which involve travelling around the body in one’s awareness. But as you can imagine, rotating around the body is a common and fairly obvious human practice, and also, what we now mean by the practice of yoga nidra has numerous other aspects. 

Nonetheless, we can be reasonably confident that nyaasa , as a Tantric technique, was part of the origin story of modern yoga nidra . It’s important to note here two things. Firstly, while the other pre-modern antecedents of the practice might be unknown to practitioners of modern yoga, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or survive somewhere in South Asia. Secondly, from the 19 th Century to the present, the history of the practice has much more documentation, but also holds much more controversy and disagreement.

This collection is for those practitioners who are familiar with the basics of the esoteric and philosophical underpinnings of modern yoga. If you know your koshas from your chakras, and have a passing acquaintance with the tattvas, this one’s for you.

98 minutes total

1. Long Kosha Journey – Long yoga nidra moving through the koshas (energy bodies)
2: Prana Nidra – Pared down nidra for the confident practitioner
3: Esoteric (9m) – Shorter marma point and prana nidra as an introduction to the energy body

4: Sankalpa – Full yoga nidra for setting a heart’s intention
5: Breath Wave – Short journey into the waves of the breath

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