In the field 2018 collection

I have always loved leading yoga nidras out in the field – at just a few of the festivals and camps described in my research. It’s been a way of paying my entry into those spaces, but it also always leads to unexpected inspirations, and charming collaborations.

I have recorded many of these nidras live, so you will hear background noise and conversation in these collections. Many people find this brings an extra layer to the practice – imaging yourself tucked up in a shared nidra space, with good food cooking in the distance, and good people lying by your side. 

In this collection from 2018, you will become mountains, adventure into jungles, and enchant the land around us.

124 minutes total

1. Welcome – A yoga nidra for arriving at Colourfest
2. Mandala – Enchanting the land around us at Sundara
3. Mountain Body – Being one with the earth and sky
4. Tribal Web (18m) – Coming together with the Santosa tribe

5. Hanuman Shine – A curious encounter in the jungle
6. Star Creatures – Becoming a fantastical creature with Ling Mann

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