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There is much about sleep that we do not understand. We can measure brain waves, but there is still no definitive research on what function dreams play for the brain, for example. While there is some fascinating speculative research available, the ability to confidently talk about theta and delta, trance levels or the turiya state as it is described in ancient Indian philosophy can hide the fact that it is very difficult for us to know what actually happens even when we ourselves rest, let alone compare our experiences with others. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and understand yoga nidra from a scientific, historical or philosophical perspective, only that it helps to be humble about the extent of our knowledge. 

We live in times that might seem designed to disturb our rest – from a 24-hour rolling news cycle to blue light screens before bedtime. Yet the idea that a civilized life disturbs our sleep is not a new one. Relaxationists in the 19 th Century also spoke about the hectic and troubling pace of modern life, with its endless distractions, for example. We can associate rest and sleep, and yoga nidra, with self-healing or rest and repair. We can also think of them as spaces in which we are open to inspiration: in the form of guidance or creativity. And in those cases, sometimes less external input is more effective. After all, in yogic terms, rest is also a practice of ‘pratyahar’a or sensory withdrawal. 

The experienced practitioner of yoga nidra sometimes finds they want fewer words in their ears and more space to travel alone. This, therefore, is a collection of nidras that include more silence, and a little less guidance on the journey.

90 minutes total

1. Koshas – Moving through the koshas (energy bodies)
2: Nirakalpa – Full yoga nidra to connect to inner rather than external wisdom
3: Wild Nidra (17m) – Pared down wild nidra to introduce self-practice

4: White Horse Wild Nidra 1 – Another pared down wild nidra to practice self-guided nidra
5: White Horse Wild Nidra 2 – A final, spacious wild nidra

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