Seasonal journeys collection

Whilst the underlying structure of the recordings I make is pure yoga nidra: settling, rotating around the body, exploring opposites, visualisations and grounding, the themes I choose to explore owe much more to my practices of journeying and dreaming, and to my knowledge of British ecology, folklore and magic.

A number of my collections are, for want of better words, distinctly earthy or pagan in feel. This is one of those.

A collection that takes you out into the wildest of weather as the year turns, from harvest to storms, to beach sunsets. Includes a very special shapeshifting nidra.

139 minutes total

1. Harvest Treasure – A harvest relaxation to enjoy at home
2: Summer Fun – A summer relaxation to take wherever you go
3: Wild Weather – Full nidra watching storm and frosts pass over a still lake
4: Shapeshifting – Full yoga nidra exploring playful animal movement
5: Seasons Change (20m) – Full nidra for seasonal change and renewal

6: Full Sunset Nidra – Long yoga nidra including a beach sunset and wishing on a star

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