Therapeutic collection

While trance-based practices can often be more accessible to disabled and/or neurodiverse populations, they are often taught from the perspective of the non-disabled and neurotypical.

Simply put, the assumption is often made that what is comfortable or easy for the majority is comfortable or easy for all. Yet what helps us rest and the way we dream can be much more diverse than is often understood. 

This is a collection of a few nidras recorded for specific students: gentle practices that might help with pain management or anxiety or self worth, and one that is aimed to be accessible for children with developmental delays, even if they are non-speaking.

106 minutes total

1. Blossom Garden – A gentle yoga nidra addressing anxiety, with live birdsong!
2: Pain Management (22m) – A stronger yoga nidra to help with pain management

3: Inner Journey – An inner journey addressing issues of self worth
4: Timothy’s Wishing Star – Crafted with a young disabled client, positive and heartwarming.
5: Rest and Renew – A yoga nidra for rest and recovery

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