Winter at Lower Shaw collection

I used to run a monthly rest and renew class at Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon – in fact I inherited the class from one teacher, who inherited it from another, and I passed it on in turn. For many years, this quiet little gem of a class has met and snuggled down together. 

I have two collections from that class. This one is all on winter themes, from a sleigh ride to the first stirrings of new life at Imbolc/Candlemas, this is a great collection if you’re embracing the deep rest that can be found in the darkest months of the year.

100 minutes total

1. Frost Fair – A Victorian adventure
2. Sleigh Ride (15m) – Rushing through the snow

3. Earth Seed – Deep, dark and restful
4. Crystal Dawn – Bright light returning
5. Snowdrop Lamb – The first stirrings of new life

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