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A motor home in a dark forest

Welcome to Substack!

Firstly, if you’re on my mailing list, don’t worry, you’ve not signed up for anything…

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Davy and Theo

In person

We went over to Brighton at the weekend. We went for an event – for…

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Uma talking

Comfort zones

I’m thinking about comfort zones a lot today. I made some beautiful connections at the…

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meditation shawl

Proof of Concept

Some people love to make things. I don’t. I enjoy it, yes. But creativity is…

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Tattoo: still I rise

Rising Up

Things you could be doing, right now (see below for details): Care about the facts….

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For Orlando

It’s not about us. Half a world away a city grieves and it’s not about…

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Black Lives Matter

As an animist, I actually believe that all lives do matter. Most humans don’t. What…

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Being an ally

Allies are important. It took me a long time to realise that. When I came…

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Peace at what price?

This week, I’ve been contemplating the differences between peace as an individual endeavour and as…

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In forty years of life, I can’t remember ever living under a government that I…

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