Dandelion garlands

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on a slightly unlikely podcast – The Moon and Your Mind. I’m not really into astrology, but the hosts and I had a long conversation full of wild tangents and laughter. I had a lot of fun and I think they did too. They pulled me

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Light it up red

It feels like coming out all over again. And I don’t have any desire to explain this yet in a way that most people will understand. When you come out as LGBT in some form, some (straight) people think it is kind to say: “You’re not really though, are you? Do you think this can

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A small story

There are so many big stories being told right now, and I am mostly listening, sharing, amplifying those more urgent than my own. But I wanted to share a small story with you, if you have the time and the energy, because there are days when I feel as if history is moving so fast,

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I have a little something different for you today. Rather than reflecting on the world-as-is, which is in both stasis and rapid flux right now, I woke this morning with a desire to look back. Specifically, I wanted to share a short section from the chapter I wrote back in 2014 for the volume of

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Lineage is not heritage is not culture is not faith is not history and cannot be learnt in a weekend. But you can be certified to submerge profoundly disabled people into warm water in an afternoon, if you prove you can turn the handle on the hoist and shout really loud. Yoga is more than

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The magical economy

There is such a thing as a gift economy (Mauss 1954)*, in which things are given to another in no expectation of exchange. Instead the gifts given are part of a larger social contract, in which the web which holds us together is formed from the noticing of another’s need or desire, and fulfilling it,

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