Yoga nidra

Seasonal journeys collection

Whilst the underlying structure of the recordings I make is pure yoga nidra: settling, rotating around the body, exploring opposites, visualisations and grounding, the themes I choose to explore owe much more to my practices of journeying and dreaming, and to my knowledge of British ecology, folklore and magic. A number of my collections are,

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Energy Bodies collection

There are a suite of practices, most of them called nyaasa, that survive from pre-modern texts. These involve mentally inscribing the body, part by part, with qualities, symbols, even deities, for diverse purposes. There are other techniques, more often Buddhist in origin, which involve travelling around the body in one’s awareness. But as you can

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Therapeutic collection

While trance-based practices can often be more accessible to disabled and/or neurodiverse populations, they are often taught from the perspective of the non-disabled and neurotypical. Simply put, the assumption is often made that what is comfortable or easy for the majority is comfortable or easy for all. Yet what helps us rest and the way

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Safe and simple collection

For much of human history, the experience of resting safely has been denied to many. Many of us, no matter our level of personal privilege, education and resources, have trouble resting. Whilst yoga nidra is a practice that can lead to experiences of transcendence, healing and insight, one in which we can meet gods, ancestors

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