Making meaning together

I ran the first session of the Yoga Studies Reading Group this month, and I’m so glad I’m doing this. It was a small but engaged group, and the conversation flowed really nicely. If you’re thinking of joining us, sign up with Nourish, drop into the Google classroom to pick up the relevant reading, and […]

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In translation again

There’s a lot of interesting research into the effects of language acquisition on the brain, but at the risk of misrepresenting a whole field of study, what we have experienced, what we are able to say and what we are able to think are all quite closely related. Anyone fluent in more than one language

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This time last year I was recovering from my viva and starting work on my final thesis corrections. It’s been a very, very busy year since then, and as the year slows to a close, I have just a handful more classes to teach, one more Yoga Nidra Immersion this weekend, and one more talk

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Reaching Out

A fortnight before the Autumn Equinox and this is my harvest. Thesis submitted. Ten days in a field outside Glastonbury. Three days at a conference in Belfast. Two upcoming deadlines in a month – one for an article, one for a book chapter – and a viva on the horizon in November, plus a dozen

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Post-lineage yoga

It’s a funny business, a PhD in the Humanities and Social Sciences. At least here in Europe, the heart and soul and centre of the process is the production of one thesis, by a single mind. That thesis will be 100,000 words long – that’s nearly 300 pages – and contained within must be ‘a

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Summer travels

I am at home at the moment, taking a couple of days to catch up with myself about halfway through my Summer and early Autumn traveling plans. As many people will know by now, the majority of my research centres on the summer circuit of British alternative yoga events and camps. And as scholars will

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