A small story

There are so many big stories being told right now, and I am mostly listening, sharing, amplifying those more urgent than my own. But I wanted to share a small story with you, if you have the time and the energy, because there are days when I feel as if history is moving so fast, […]

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I have a little something different for you today. Rather than reflecting on the world-as-is, which is in both stasis and rapid flux right now, I woke this morning with a desire to look back. Specifically, I wanted to share a short section from the chapter I wrote back in 2014 for the volume of

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Tira and the bees

This post is long, but I make no apologies for that. Some things are too important, and too epic, to contain in a pithy article. Indeed, this is a very different blog post to my normal offering. But there is story here, and beauty, and so I suggest that you settle in, with a long

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Radical Deity – a call

Phil and I were at the Beltane Bhakti Festival last weekend, drinking deep of that rebel heart of devotion within alternative British yoga culture. This is the latest in an occasional series of events at which the UK bhakti community gather. There were devotees of multiple gurus, and more besides like ourselves who have no

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Breathe. Paying attention to the whole body, reaching and opening. Breathe, and the world breathes with you. Each breath that enters you is the world breathing in to you. Each inhalation has been exhaled and inhaled; warmed and changed by its passage through the lungs or gills or cells of another a thousand times. Breathe,

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For the love of a planet

It’s all about perspective, in the end. Uma tells a version of the Hindu epic Ramayana that I love…it often brings me to tears. It’s essentially Sita’s story, rather than Ram’s. The story goes that a royal couple, blessed in many ways but not with children; prayed and made offering after offering to the gods

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Spiritual practice

That which is funny cannot be serious. That which is practical cannot be clever. We divide the world into this and not-this, because the world is complex, and these separating frameworks help us to understand it, even when they are wrong. Within our lived regular and ritual practices, one such separation that is overdue for

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Is God still a DJ?

“This is my churchThis is where I heal my hurtsFor tonightGodIs a DJ” ~ Faithless One problem with my area of research is that it doesn’t fit traditional ideas of ‘religion’, or even ‘religious practice’. For many of us, the word ‘religion’ is loaded with expectation, control and conformity. It is a word that has

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Across the gap

There is power in the gap; and in the contact. I know there was a time when my whole being ran on instinct: environment > action > reaction. Early relationships sparking across synapses with the same repeated refrain: You made me feel this; so now I say that; which makes you feel this; so you

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