Getting back in touch

The COVID pandemic has changed the teaching of yoga and movement in profound ways. Perhaps the most obvious was the move into online spaces, and thus away from all the advantages and risks of close physical proximity. Interestingly, this just happened to hit in the middle of a live debate among the yoga teaching community

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Meeting up

One of the things that’s really changed in the last 18 months for all of us is the ways in which we feel able to come together with those we care about. There have been those we missed like a constant ache, yet didn’t feel safe being close to. There have been restrictions that all

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I have a little something different for you today. Rather than reflecting on the world-as-is, which is in both stasis and rapid flux right now, I woke this morning with a desire to look back. Specifically, I wanted to share a short section from the chapter I wrote back in 2014 for the volume of

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More Chips Please!

Two and a half years ago now, I brought a new tool to class: my very own assist chips, or consent chips, or flip chips, depending on what you call them. Back then, I’d come across the idea via a number of American and Canadian friends and wanted to check them out, as a way

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Trauma Sensitive

I’m bringing a new tool to class this week. It’s taken me a little while to get around to this, because the original concept is American, and I realised there wasn’t an easy and cost-effective way to getting hold of them, so I ended up making my own. US folk can get them here:,

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Coming together

I have just submitted my contribution to a Patheos anthology called ‘Pagan Consent Culture’ that will come out next year. The editors seem pleased with it, and I am fairly confident of inclusion in the final book. I am now experiencing that peculiar and specific delay that writers have, where I would like people to

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Across the gap

There is power in the gap; and in the contact. I know there was a time when my whole being ran on instinct: environment > action > reaction. Early relationships sparking across synapses with the same repeated refrain: You made me feel this; so now I say that; which makes you feel this; so you

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