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Light it up red

It feels like coming out all over again. And I don’t have any desire to explain this yet in a way that most people will understand. When you come out as LGBT in some form, some (straight) people think it is kind to say: “You’re not really though, are you? Do you think this can […]

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Why I am not a yogini

The word yogini has a long and complex history within yoga. Its usage has always been as political as it is religious. Within modern yoga, yogini is a term that has been used by female practitioners, particularly yoga teachers, to claim something specific and shared about women’s experiences in yoga – modern hatha yoga in

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Wild Ones

Back in May I wrote a post asking about radical and deliberate connections with deity – the wild and wondrous gods of protest and resistance. What would they look like? Who would they be? What would their sacraments be? Then followed a really lovely series of conversations on social media and in person, and a

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For Orlando

It’s not about us. Half a world away a city grieves and it’s not about us. Let their voices be heard – let queer Latinx hearts bleed and mourn in Orlando. Say the names of the dead and wounded. Hear their stories. It’s not about us. I will not presume to own this tragedy, because

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Being an ally

Allies are important. It took me a long time to realise that. When I came out, more than two decades ago, queer politics were identity politics. My first Pride was a huge event – London was hosting EuroPride, and thousands of us marched and danced our way through the streets. It felt like we didn’t

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Life Lived Wide

We are all so many people. So many hidden stories. Such large lives lived behind the quiet of the everyday. Daily we ask each other: ‘how are you?’ and everyone just accepts that there is never time for a true answer. How am I today? …today I was up a little late, and ran fierce

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In Translation

When I was at university for the first time, I developed a (mostly) intellectual crush on the French writer, Hélène Cixous. Today, two decades later, I searched for a couple of quotations of hers, blessing the internet for allowing me to search for a mere handful of words and be plunged back into the feeling

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