Working with me

Working with me I have the privilege of being asked to be a guest faculty member on yoga teacher trainings around the world. Most of these invitations have come about when I know the programme or the training provider in some way. Occasionally someone approaches me out of the blue and I check them out

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Getting back in touch

The COVID pandemic has changed the teaching of yoga and movement in profound ways. Perhaps the most obvious was the move into online spaces, and thus away from all the advantages and risks of close physical proximity. Interestingly, this just happened to hit in the middle of a live debate among the yoga teaching community

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Things that I know right now

When we\’re trying to understand ‘how life moves’, what we really have is a series of stories that attempt to make sense of massive complexity, diversity, and the interdependence of different systems. So whether we\’re talking about evolutionary movement, or developmental progression, or gunas and doshas, what we’re doing is using stories that can help

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A fine line

One of the most difficult and persistent tensions I hold in my work is between that of survivor, ally, activist, teacher and researcher. Although my own research doesn’t centre around abuse in yoga, trauma, survivorship, ethical relationships and accountability are all subjects that I’m regularly called to speak to. I don’t mind that, because although

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