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A motor home in a dark forest

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Firstly, if you’re on my mailing list, don’t worry, you’ve not signed up for anything…

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just a square of red

Light it up red

It feels like coming out all over again. And I don’t have any desire to…

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a tiny hamster

A small story

There are so many big stories being told right now, and I am mostly listening,…

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cover art for Pagan Consent Culture


I have a little something different for you today. Rather than reflecting on the world-as-is,…

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Lineage is not heritage is not culture is not faith is not history and cannot…

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A Tiny Adventure

Last week, the husband and I went on a tiny adventure: five days in Ireland….

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Wild Ones

Back in May I wrote a post asking about radical and deliberate connections with deity…

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shore breathing


Breathe. Paying attention to the whole body, reaching and opening. Breathe, and the world breathes…

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