I’ve been writing blog posts for my website since 2014. That should really be websites because this is at least the third iteration, but I’ve always made sure to preserve the blog posts. At first they were mostly weekly but as my PhD took over, that became fortnightly and now monthly.

I’ve always written about whatever was on my mind when I sat down at the keyboard. So there are posts about yoga teaching – the reality, the ethics, the controversies. There are posts about academia and the academic life – as a PhD candidate it was sometimes hard to think about anything else, and now academic research and teaching is still a lot of what I do. But there also posts which are political – about attacks on queer spaces, about disabilities, about protest – and posts which are personal – about road trips, about cats, about knitting.

I’ve categorised the posts so you can browse them in those vertical slices, or you can of course read the latest posts or search for something specific.

Yoga teaching

From theories of movement to the unionisation of teachers, teaching yoga is a topic I’ve returned to again and again.


From insights into the minutiae of academic study to reports on conferences I’ve attended.


I don’t seek out politics but sometimes it won’t leave you alone.


Philosophy to pets; road trips to Ravelry. Personal and aspirational posts over the years.

Latest Posts

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