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Courses & Events

I teach or co-teach a number of courses and workshops, usually through training organisations, but also independently. Many of these courses are online but others are in person.

Although I have taught physical practice for 15 years, these days I mostly cover the philosophy and humanities associated with teaching. Among other topics, I cover modern yoga history, contemporary issues and practical ethics. As well as standalone courses and workshops, I tailor these topics as part of longer yoga teacher trainings and professional development courses. I can drop into a yoga teacher training, for a couple of hours, a day, or a weekend, or help trainers develop entire modules. Much of the most innovative work I do is co-teaching with colleagues, sharing our knowledge with each other as well as with students. I am lucky to have a number of close partners in this work, but I’m open to new collaborations with the right people.

I am also regularly invited to give guest lectures as part of conferences and other special events for yoga teachers, movement professionals and therapists of various kinds. While my key audience is people working professionally and therapeutically with movement, breath and rest, I have spoken to many different audiences over the years, from the local WI to hundreds of yoga teachers in China.

I speak and write frequently about safety and ethics in yoga, as well as the importance of having and supporting a good network of allies in one’s work. It’s important to me to model good practice in that respect. I know that people who follow me want to know that the people I partner with are also safe to study with. As a result, I am less interested in how well-known you are, than in whether I can trust you and what we can both gain from the partnership. I’m particularly interested in working with communities of all kinds, and with those who work with marginalised groups.

At the moment, I have the capacity to take on a couple more collaborations, and I’m also eager to get back out to more special events in person. Get in touch if you’d like to think something through together.

Examples of courses I can offer

Leading Simple Yoga Nidras

Leading students into a state of rest is a subtle, profound art. It is also a skill that can be learned. This training has been carefully designed to train yoga teachers in offering simple yoga nidras comfortably, confidently, and creatively.

This training has been offered both online and also as a weekend in person workshop.

Teaching Inclusive Yoga

Contemporary yoga practices and communities are often exclusive and inaccessible to a wide variety of people. This training guides yoga teachers towards the skills necessary to dismantle the dynamics of yoga culture that prevent people from feeling welcome. I cover topics such as trauma sensitivity, inclusive language, and disability.

Ethics and Consent

This course helps yoga professionals to develop a personal framework to help navigate the work and world of yoga teaching, by examining our relationship to learning, ourselves, our students, culture/philosophy, and other professionals. I look at how codes of conduct, scopes of practice and regulation can impact yoga teachers.

These are just examples of courses I’ve run recently. I can tailor a lot of this material to fit your exact requirements. If you’re interested get in touch through my contact page.

Upcoming Courses and Events


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