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I’m very busy here doing two things – working on the first official draft of my Literature Review, and creating a whole new website with Phil. The new website is designed to give a more representative idea of who I am and what I do now, and it’ll have more space for online content. There

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Reviewing the Field

In theory, (if not always in practice,) academic research is a conversation. Everything published refers back to other academic publications, and is reviewed by academic peers and cited in its turn. In an ideal sense, this is a pure and democratic process, where the accepted truth or truths of a thing depend on the considered

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Coming together

I have just submitted my contribution to a Patheos anthology called ‘Pagan Consent Culture’ that will come out next year. The editors seem pleased with it, and I am fairly confident of inclusion in the final book. I am now experiencing that peculiar and specific delay that writers have, where I would like people to

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Other Voices

Pulled between the high energy of summer, just a week from the solstice; and yet also slipping into the deep cool darkness of my first bleeding day, today I feel stretched thin, worn and delicate as an old shawl. My breath is long, slow, and filled with silences. So, today, I have three other voices

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Bright Beginners

On yesterday’s morning walk, I saw a sight that made me smile: two runners, all in black, keeping each other company, and two black Labradors, running together in front. I’m not sure it was on purpose, but they all matched so perfectly, and made a perfect pack. Here in the Northern hemisphere of our shining

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